It Takes a Virus Research Report

ASCA President Brandi Rai discusses the Research Report on Parent-Teacher Relations during Covid-19 and at-home learning in the Spring of 2020, with Dr. Bonnie Stelmach. (24 minutes 51 seconds)

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Click on the image to download the Report (PDF 688KB)

Click on the image to download the Report (PDF 688KB)

ASCA partnered with the University of Alberta Research Project on Parent-Teacher Relations During COVID-19.

“It Takes a Virus: What Can Be Learned About Parent-Teacher Relations from Pandemic Realities?” aimed to capture parents’ and teachers’ perspectives about learning at home during March – June 2020.  Findings are based on data collected from 1067 parent survey respondents, 566 teacher survey respondents, and 10 parents and 10 teachers who were individually interviewed.

The study was conducted by Dr. Bonnie Stelmach, Professor, Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Policy Studies, University of Alberta. The research report was submitted to the Alberta School Councils’ Association on November 29, 2020.