Annual General Meeting

One of the most important events for parents on school council is the association Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in conjunction with the ASCA School Councils Conference.

AGM 2021 Resolutions Results

Information and Meeting Documents

The 2021 Annual General Meeting was on April 25, 2021 (held online).

The Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA) is pleased to present the 2021 annual conference and general meeting ONLINE, utilizing Zoom video conferencing and the EventMobi web platform (desktop and mobile applications). Suitable for desktop, laptops, tablets, and smart phones, participants can join from a PC, Mac, iOS or Android device.


ASCA Member School Councils participate in the policy setting process of the Association by reviewing the Proposed Advocacy Resolutions submitted for consideration (discussion and voting on) at the AGM.

It is very important that school council members understand, review and discuss, determining support or disapproval of the resolutions proposed, to provide voting direction to the parent voting delegate attending the AGM.

Important – if additional information or clarification is required – please CONTACT THE SPONSOR of the resolution by email as provided. Resources/references are also indicated as applicable.


School councils seeking to understand the impact of any proposed resolution to their students, school or division are encouraged to talk to the resolution sponsors, their local trustee, principal, or the secretary treasurer where funding is involved.

The business meeting starts early, and continues until all resolutions proposed for policy are debated and voted upon, as well as election of the new governing Board.

Don't miss an opportunity to be involved, to be heard, and make a difference in public education.

Voting is your Voice

Parents on school council shape the future of Alberta's public education system with input through advocacy resolutions and voting at the ASCA AGM.

Resolutions passed into policy at the AGM form the association perspective as presented to Alberta government and organizations in provincial education.

All school councils with current ASCA membership are eligible to submit Proposed Advocacy Resolutions and send parent representatives to vote on behalf of the school council at the ASCA Annual General Meeting.

Please contact the ASCA office if you are uncertain as to your school councils’ current membership status.

ASCA 2021 Meeting Sponsor:

ASCA Advocacy Overview

To influence change in education, school councils in Alberta identify issues in provincial education affecting early childhood services (ECS) to grade 12 students that they would like addressed, changed or resolved, and submit a Proposed Advocacy Resolution Form to ASCA for the discussion and consideration of members attending the AGM.

Resolutions that receive majority support from voting parent school council members at the AGM, or General Meetings, become belief statements, or directives for action, and form advisory positions as Advocacy Policy of the association.

Advocacy Policy is the direction, or guiding statements that represent the views of ASCA members and are presented as the collective voice, or perspective, of parents on school councils in Alberta.

These views are expressed at advisory committee tables when ASCA is invited to work with government, the Education Ministry and other provincial groups, on education policy, programs and practice.

Process Overview

  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) of association members held each spring (April).
  • Call for resolutions requested at the beginning of the school year for the next AGM.
  • Parents on school councils in Alberta identify issues affecting ECS-12 students they would like to see addressed, changed or resolved, in provincial education.
  • School councils “sponsor” a Proposed Advocacy Resolution submitted to ASCA by January 15.
  • ASCA works with sponsors of proposed resolutions to finalize intent, wording and formatting for presentation to members.
  • Proposed Advocacy Resolutions distributed to members for discussion in their communities.
  • Pre-meeting materials are processed and members register for the AGM event.
  • Meeting day – voting on the proposed resolutions and additional association business.
  • Resolutions passed become belief statements, advisory positions as Advocacy Policy of ASCA.
  • ASCA forwards the new policies to government and the Education Ministry.
  • Advocacy policies are utilized to express the views of members (parents on school council perspectives), when contributing input at provincial education committee meetings.