Fundraising Associations

Fundraising Association WORKSHOPS

In addition to school councils, Fundraising Associations play a role in contributing to the success of a school community.

School-based Fundraising Associations or Societies are distinct groups in the school, often working closely with their school council.

The following resources assist with Fundraising Associations operations and best practices.

Please Note* Resources are available in the (ASCA Associate) Members Only section to view and download documents and templates for Fundraising Associations.

Please visit the Membership page for more information on how Fundraising Associations can become an ASCA Associate Member.

ASCA Fundraising Association Members


Resources/Programs for Fundraising Associations

Guide to Fundraising Association/Society Bylaws (Operating Procedures)

Template for AMENDING/REPLACING Fundraising Association/Society Bylaws

Template for NEWLY FORMING Fundraising Association/Society Bylaws

Fundraising Association Sample Membership Form

Fundraising Association Executive Transition Checklist

Fundraising Association Board of Directors Role Descriptions

Fundraising Associations Joint Annual Planning Best Practices

Fundraising Association Sample AGM Agenda

Sample Code Of Conduct For FRA Members

Sample Social Media Policy For FRA

Sample Society Financial Statement

Societies ACT

Insurance Options for Societies/Non-Profits (PDF)