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Alberta’s School Community Connection

ASCA Partner Sponsoring Program (PDF)

Looking to Reach Alberta's School Community?

ASCA has sponsor opportunities for companies and organizations with products or services relevant to the school community.

A number of advertising opportunities are available from publications, events, digital media, and packaged sponsorships. Custom sponsorship and packaging are welcome as well.

The ASCA Partner Sponsoring Program is intended for organizations looking to reach Alberta’s school community audience including parents, community members, students, teachers, principals, superintendents, school board trustees, government and organizations involved in public education.

ASCA seeks financial support through partner sponsoring to ensure viability and long-term sustainability.

In return for sponsorship, your organization will become a visible partner with the Association, aligning with our principles, values, and mandate, and connecting with Alberta’s school community.

For sponsorship options and details, please click here for the online brochure.

If you have questions, or would like to discuss additional sponsor opportunities, please contact parents@albertaschoolcouncils.ca  or 1-800-661-3470, 780-454-9867. Visit  www.albertaschoolcouncils.ca

Advertise with ASCA and build brand visibility with the “school community” in Alberta!

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