Effective School Councils

Effective School Councils

School Council Resource Guide

Checklist for School Council Effectiveness

Participate in Planning providing advice on:

  • School's education plan
    (yearly goals that support core beliefs, mission or vision)
  • Program priorities
    (curriculum emphasis, options - drama, music, languages)
  • Budget allocations
    (resources that support education plan)
  • School policies
    (student policies, homework)
  • in-service for parents and other council members
    (professional development workshops, etc.)
  • School board policies
    (e.g. inclusion)
  • Alberta Education curriculum changes, regulations and projects (through ASCA)

Facilitate Communication

  • Involve the school community in important decisions
    (through forums, newsletters, surveys, bulletin boards)
  • Ensure parents and teachers are working in partnership to enhance student learning
    (classroom newsletters, classroom meetings, student planners)
  • Provide time for committee, district or provincial (ASCA) reports at council meetings
  • Share information with other school councils in the area
    (division-wide, groups of School Councils)
  • Network with other school councils and provincial education organizations
    (ASCA membership, AGM, annual Parent Conference)


  • Success in meeting school education plan
    (does school's plan, mission and vision still reflect the needs of school community? achievement targets - were they supported? met? realistic?)
  • Results of special projects (e.g. literacy program, homework program)
  • School board's success at supporting its schools
  • Provincial Government's success at supporting excellence in its public education system (through ASCA)


School Councils may advise and consult with their education partners at three levels:

1. The School
Advise the Principal respecting any matter relating to the school (excluding personnel issues).

2. The Division
Advise the School Board respecting any matter relating to the school.
Share information and ideas with other school councils.

3. The Province
Look beyond the needs of a particular school to share information and ideas with Alberta Education.