Benefits of Membership

School councils in Alberta benefit from the advocacy representation and supports the Alberta School Councils' Association (ASCA) provides.

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School Councils are legislated in the Education Act of Alberta to provide a means for parents to be engaged and involved in public education. ASCA is the provincial association representing the parent voice on school council in provincial education.

Parents on school councils in Alberta submit resolutions to effect change(s) in education for the benefit of student success. Proposed resolutions presented at the ASCA Annual General Meeting (AGM) that receive majority support are passed into association policy that is utilized for input at provincial meetings and committee work with the Education Ministry.

The significance of membership in the association is to provide school councils with a ‘voice’ at the provincial level in public education.

ASCA publishes the Alberta School Council Resource Guide (English). The resource guide provides information about the education system in Alberta, roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders in education and specific information for school council operations.

ASCA provides a confidential phone consultation line to assist with information, resources and support for Member School Councils.
TOLL FREE 1-800-661-3470 or 780-454-9867 in Edmonton.

School councils may request workshops (delivered online) on a variety of topics and information relevant to school council effectiveness.

Member School Councils of ASCA have access to online resources - video recordings and documents including templates, checklists, samples, tipsheets and promotional materials.

ASCA members receive regular communications, bulletins, information and eNews to be aware of issues and updates in education.

Recognized by the government and others in provincial education, ASCA presents the parent perspective on issues in public education.

ASCA Member School Councils are eligible to:

    • Submit a Proposed Advocacy Resolution for policy consideration;
    • Vote on agenda items at General Meetings of the Association;
    • Speak to any agenda item at General Meetings of the Association;
    • Vote for candidates running for President, Vice President and Director positions;
    • Sponsor an eligible parent school council member to run for election on the Board of Directors;
    • Participate on Board committees as invited;
    • Participate on the School Council Engagement Task Force;
    • Pay reduced fees, if any, for attendance at ASCA events;
    • Examine the books and records of the Association.

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