Family Wellness

Families, loved ones, friends and the patient themselves are all impacted by mental illness, whether it is through waiting for a diagnosis, operating day-to-day, or receiving treatment. A strong support network is important for all individuals involved. The stresses and strains will impact your family similar to any other disease or illness and should be treated the same, with love and unconditional support. Mental Health Literacy website and resources.


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Sue Huff , Family Support Specialist (Eating Disorders)

Visit: www.suehuff .ca

To book a free, 15-minute consultation, email: info@suehuff .ca




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“I only knew small words and wasn’t sure of the sounds of all the letters. The lessons in the books were a path, step by step to reading and they worked. I started being able to read very quickly! After two years I can read like any body.
--Dave Taylor (Adult Literacy Learner 2019)

Parental involvement in school has been demonstrated to be a key factor for children’s academic outcomes. However, one out of three adults in Alberta struggle with reading and writing and are reading below the grade 5 level.

Parent-school partnership allows for the conceptualization of roles and relationships and the impact on the development of children in a broader way. One way to build these partnerships is to help parents who struggle with literacy skills, connect with agencies such as PALS – Project Adult Literacy Society.

PALS offer free programs to adults in Literacy (Reading and Writing), English Language, Math and Digital Skills. Adult learners work one-to-one with a volunteer tutor or in small groups (4 to 6 learners) to improve their skills. Lessons are available online, in our office or in a library near the learner’s home.

Just like PALS there are many adult literacy programs across the province that offer similar opportunities for those who wish to improve their literacy skills. If you are considering supporting parents who need adult literacy programs, PALS would be happy to offer training and share access to resources and learning materials.

For more information on PALS, visit their website

For those outside of Edmonton, can checkout for a program near you.

Digital Literacy Series to Address Online Racism and Discrimination

"training students, families and educators on what to do when they see and/or experience hate on-line"

In collaboration with the John Humphrey Centre, Alberta Hate Crimes Committee, and REACH Edmonton, an advocacy body called Social Stride has been established.

Social Stride Training Sessions 

Digital Literacy Series to Address Online Racism and Discrimination

A Digital Literacy series of workshops / training sessions has been developed to address online hate and discrimination. Sessions are offered for younger children, teens and all-ages ones for families and educators.

Now booking workshops for the upcoming school year.

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