ASCA 2024 June Year End Operational Update

ASCA Operational Update June 2024

As the 2023-2024 school year draws to a close, students, parents, and all who work within education look forward to having the time to ‘recharge’ and prepare for the changes the 2024-2025 school year will bring.

ASCA will be changing a little bit, too.

The Association’s financial reality for 2024-2025 means additional restructuring of its resources. Scheduled Learning Opportunities will be less frequent, drawing larger audiences for each. While there have been necessary price increases, ASCA’s Member School Councils will receive discounts on some ASCA Learning Opportunities and Support Services, as will School Divisions renewing their school councils’ memberships in ASCA. School councils requiring specialized consultation and/or support, will be encouraged to use their ASCE Grant funding to access ASCA’s skilled and knowledgeable guidance.

In addition, ASCA is once again downsizing its staffing component to adapt to the most restrictive budget anticipated in over 22 years – since before 2002-2003. While ASCA Members may notice a moderate change in ASCA’s communication methods and frequency, and may experience a delay in responses to inquiries, the Board of Directors and Executive Director remain committed to ensuring that ASCA’s Member School Councils and supportive School Divisions continue to receive meaningful benefits for Membership, and quality supports, resources, materials, and knowledge development.

As we look forward to the 2024-2025 school year, we also look forward to the relationships we will continue to build with, and the meaningful support we will continue to provide to, our partners, education stakeholders, and most importantly, our Members.