Alberta School Council Engagement (ASCE) Grant

Through the Alberta School Council Engagement Grant, each school council receives $500 to better support individual school councils and strengthen engagement with parents. More

Please Note - unused funds from the 2021-2022 school year can be carried forward, and combined, with the 2022-2023 funds.

Funding of $500 to individual school councils is provided through the Funding Manual for School Authorities. Alberta Education provides the funding to School Divisions who provide each of their school councils with the $500.

Funding Manual for School Authorities 2022/23 School Year

Section G2 – Alberta School Council Engagement (ASCE) Grant

This grant provides funding to school authorities (divisions) for each school in order to support school councils fulfilling their legislated responsibilities in the education system and enhancing parent involvement and engagement.

$500/school council

Allocation Criteria
Only schools required by the Education Act to have a school council will be eligible for this grant (i.e. public, separate, Francophone and charter schools). Note: A school council must be established for each school operated by the board as per the Education Act, section 55(1).
2. Of the eligible schools, only those with an active school council will receive the grant.

A new submission form (for School Divisions) has been created (see section L). Section G2 page 105 and 106 .

Activities that grant funds can be used for include ASCA learning opportunities such as workshops and customized services for parents to increase capacity for school council members.

ASCA Workshops are offered online, scheduled weekly throughout the year (September 2022 to June 2023) for school councils’ registration. BOOK NOW.

Workshops are delivered to school councils (regardless of ASCA Membership status) in a fee structure aligned with the Alberta School Council Engagement (ASCE) Grant. ASCA learning opportunities and workshops are designed to help school councils understand their legislated role, and enhance parent engagement in the school community.

Alberta Education (webpage link) provides school councils with guidelines regarding grant eligibility, access, uses, and reporting requirements.


Active school councils in public, separate, Francophone and charter schools are eligible for this grant.

By the end of October, school authorities/divisions will provide the ministry with the number of active school councils in their jurisdiction/division and any other relevant information requested. Grant funds will be allocated to school authorities through the usual funding processes.

School divisions are responsible for ensuring that the funds are disbursed to their schools and made available to the school councils. Funds must not be directed to registered fundraising societies. The decisions for the use of the funds must be made by the school council.

Examples of parent engagement activities and projects that funds can be used for include:

  • workshops for parents to increase capacity for school council members
  • information sessions on how parents can support student learning at home and at school
  • parent resources and workshops on important topics such as, mental health and well-being, cyber bullying, healthy living, etc.
  • programs to support multi-cultural and Indigenous families including, English language learners and First Nations, Metis and Inuit learners
  • parent resources and tools in multiple languages
  • events to engage parents on important local issues
  • parent engagement in promoting the value of arts
  • trainer or facilitator costs for the professional development, workshops or sessions associated with the above