Education Week

Education Week

Education Week video with ASCA President Brandi Rai, and ATA President Jason Schilling

The first Alberta School Week (Education Week) was held December 2–8, 1928. Its purpose then, as now, is to call attention to the importance of education and to show the public the good things happening in Alberta schools.

Education Week is an excellent opportunity to advocate for public education and to:

  • Illustrate the important role that schools play in communities;
  • assure taxpayers that public funds are being put to good use;
  • invite the public into classrooms for first-hand experiences;
  • highlight the partnership between teachers, parents and students;
  • demonstrate the important leadership role that the teaching profession plays in student learning;
  • and celebrate the contribution that all staff and volunteers make in the school.

Learning is a Journey

Education week is a great time to celebrate teachers’ proud legacy in public education and work toward an inspired future that includes the following:

  • Optimal learning conditions for every child
  • Creative and innovative learning programs
  • Students who enjoy learning and who achieve their learning goals
  • Parents and communities that are involved and supportive of learning
  • School leaders who are also teachers
  • A well-thought out curriculum delivered by well-prepared professionals
  • Opportunities for teachers to continue developing their skills as professionals

Education Week was established by teachers in 1928 to call attention to the importance of public education and its role in the development of Alberta.

This week of celebration provides opportunities to speak up for public education; highlight partnerships among teachers, parents and students; and recognize the contributions of staff, students and volunteers in Alberta schools.

Education Week aims to bring the community into schools and to bring schools into the community.

As such, school communities are encouraged to discuss plans about different ways to promote education week in the community.

School councils may be interested in collaborating in this work with teachers and staff and are encouraged to connect with them for support.

Ideas for promoting Education Week include:

  • Create a bulletin board in the main foyer with Education Week posters and student work
  • Host an open house for local businesses and community leaders to tour the school and meet students
  • Invite former students back to the school for a social event
  • Showcase students in a talent show, open to the community. Potentially ask community members to be the judges.
  • Invite local celebrities (athletes, authors, artists, politicians, etc) to speak to students about the importance of education
  • Host an on-line or in-person workshop on topics of importance to the community, including topics on mental health and wellness 
  • Organize a community clean-up
  • Host a volunteer tea
  • Showcase student art work at a local mall
  • Organize student flash mobs at different locations throughout the community
  • Coordinate arts and crafts or a read-in activity with students and a local seniors’ residence
  • The possibilities are unlimited!