Resources for Fundraising

Lunchbox is a full-service online lunch ordering and fundraising solution that simplifies the management of your school's lunch program.

The better way to manage your school's lunch fundraising program!

Why Choose Lunchbox?

  • Save 5+ hours/week in program management
  • Orders arrive labeled by student and organized by classroom
  • “Give a Lunch” program ensures all students can participate
  • Easy-to-use ordering for parents and guardians
  • Secure, contactless ordering and payment solution
  • No registration or set up fees
  • Meals are nut-free and allergy-aware
  • Earn fundraising dollars for every item sold
  • Eco-friendly to meet your sustainability initiatives
  • Comprehensive program support

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Earn More from Your Fundraising Efforts with Delicious Local, Small-Batch Popcorns

Fundraising with Heritage Confections means you can:

  • Stop worrying about pricey set up costs (there's no up-front fees)
  • Have fun promoting a product people love to buy (wave buh-bye to classrooms full of plants or meats you have to keep cool)
  • Include all your supporters with our Gluten-Free and Peanut-free popcorns (everyone can enjoy!)
  • Offer your supporters the option of easy online ordering (no need to dust off the cheque book or head to the ATM)
  • Earn at least 40% of every dollar your students or members sell (with prices you set yourself, our programs are supremely flexible)



Techsoup Canada ( is the Canadian branch of, an American organization that facilitates technology companies to donate or subsidize the prices of their goods and services to charities and other worthy organizations. Techsoup Canada has a number of donor partners, including Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit, Symantec.

Of particular interest to fundraising associations is the opportunity to acquire a free license for Google's G Suite (formerly knows as Google Apps).

Here’s some info about Google’s offerings for non-profits:

Here’s some info about how to register for Tech Soup Canada

After registering your own domain name, G Suite provides the fundraising association with ability to:

  • create gmail email accounts “” 
    • one for each board member, volunteer role, etc.
  • create mailing lists
    • members@, volunteers@, board@ email addresses and lists can be set up to make it easier to communicate
  • use Google’s group calendar and contacts features
  • use Google’s ‘docs' and ‘sheets’ to create, share and collaborate on documents
  • provide a place to store documents, and pass them along to the future
  • online ‘google groups’ discussions, both public and private

The Society needs to create a Tech Soup account, and then register the Society with Tech Soup (this will involve submitting some documents).

Once Tech Soup has approved the Society, you can request a "G Suite Validation Token”, create a new "Google for Non Profits” account, apply the token to a request for a free account, and then submit the request and the token.