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Fundraising Opportunities with Steeped Tea

Our loose leaf company partners with schools & groups to fundraise for trips, libraries, computers, gym equipment, and new playgrounds.

Our tea is all natural, zero calories, fair trade and Canadian! There are 12 types of tea and 3 types of infusers for sale through the Steeped Tea fundraiser program.

The forms are one page and very simple for canvassers to fill out. Each item is $12, so the math is easy, too. Once the fundraiser is closed, 40% of the total raised goes immediately to you. No waiting! You cut Steeped Tea a cheque for the difference and keep all the money collected.

Tea is becoming more trendy and it is expected to outsell coffee by 2020, so it's a great time to get involved with Steeped. I did 3 fundraisers last year and all 3 have been in the top 5 raised in Canada during the month they closed!

Let me know if you would like my professional letter to present to your board or parent council. Download brochure

Diana Eves

Senior Group Director

Steeped Tea


November 2016

Funding for community projects for children

Canada Post Community Foundation


Funding for community projects for children – Apply for a grant now

Apply for a Grant

Funding from the Canada Post Community Foundation for Children is now available. The annual grant application process is open, and the deadline to receive applications is April 5, 2017.

Registered charities, school programs and community organizations are invited to apply for funding of projects consistent with the Foundation’s objective to support initiatives that benefit children.

In communities across the country, Canada Post employees – with the help of their customers – raise money to support local initiatives that will make a positive impact in the lives of children. We are pleased to provide this opportunity to organizations and schools in our communities.

Learn more about the 2016 grant recipients

March 20, 2017