School Divisions

ASCA is committed to effective school councils in Alberta and working with school divisions to maximize efforts.

Many School Divisions work with their school councils in formal division-wide gatherings of multi-school council representatives. These groups of school councils are known by various names, with Councils of School Councils (COSCs) recognized as one.

ASCA offers supports and resources for School Divisions sponsoring their school councils' membership in the association.

Benefits of ASCA Membership for Boards of a School Division

ASCA provides ongoing training and supports that enable parents to build respectful, appropriate relationships in schools. Benefit to the school staff is the parent focus on student performance and achievement which leads to collaboration and productive outcomes.

School boards are assured that all school councils within their division have access to an established set of resources and supports, procedures and best practices, training, and online learning in the cost of membership.

ASCA workshops contain consistent messages to promote parents working with the school board in a collaborative manner, and supporting the goals established by the board related to school improvement and student achievement.

Specific workshops are available to the school division, including:

  • School council establishment services (for schools where no school council currently exists);
  • School-based administrators presentations on parental engagement practices and school council effectiveness;
  • Council of School Councils (COSC) establishment and supports;
  • School board presentations promoting best practices for working with school councils.

Please visit the Workshops page to view topics and pricing.

Opportunity for division school council parents to attend the ASCA conference and Annual General Meeting is at a reduced rate. Trustees and superintendents of sponsoring boards also receive a discounted rate for conference and the Annual General Meeting.

Provision of factual information on provincial curriculum, programs, and initiatives are through emails, eNews bulletins and the ASCA website. Specific informational research can be provided to members by request.

ASCA is recognized by Alberta Education and other education organizations as the association bringing the provincial parent perspective on education issues to government and others.

School councils can support their school board’s advocacy efforts through ASCA’s advocacy resolution policy process.