Our Alberta Teachers

The Learning Team

TheLearningTeam.ca is a place for parents and teachers working together for public education*.

A place for parents, teachers, grandparents, education workers and all Albertans working together for public education.
*In Alberta, public education refers to schools in Alberta’s public, separate and francophone school divisions.


The Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA) is the professional association of our teachers in Alberta.

The ATA website hosts a multitude of information and resources for parents, including:

Parent-friendly Articles

Read articles written for parents on issues in education, such as: creativity, homework, cyberbullying and cell phones.

The Learning Team

The Learning Team is a quarterly newsletter published and sent to all public and separate school councils in Alberta.

The ATA Learning Team publication speaks to the partner relationships of parents and teachers and is written for parents and teachers working together for children's education.