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School Councils Regulation

School Act Regulations

The regulations take their authority from specific sections of the School Act and describe additional legal requirements that must be met by the Government of Alberta, school boards, charter schools, private schools, teachers and parents. 

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School Councils Regulation

The School Act

The School Act sets out the goals, roles and responsibilities of Alberta’s Early Childhood Services to Grade 12 (ECS-12) education system.

School Act – Section 22

Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000

Chapter S-3

Current as of October 1, 2005

School Council

22     (1)  A school council shall be established in accordance with the regulations for each school operated by a board.

         (2)        The majority of the members of a school council shall be parents of students enrolled in the school.

         (3)        A board of a separate school district or a division made up only of separate school districts, by resolution, may require that the parents
                     of students enrolled in a school operated by the board who are members of the school council must also be of the same faith as those
                     who established the separate school districts, whether Protestant or Roman Catholic.

         (4)        A school council may, at its discretion,

(a)        advise the principal and the board respecting any matter relating to the school,

(b)        perform any duty or function delegated to it by the board in accordance with the delegation,

(c)        consult with the principal so that the principal may ensure that students in the school have the opportunity to meet the
            standards of education set by the Minister,

(d)        consult with the principal so that the principal may ensure that the fiscal management of the school is in accordance with the
            requirements of the board and the superintendent, and

(e)        do anything it is authorized under the regulations to do.

          (5)        Subject to the regulations, a school council may make and implement policies in the school that the council considers necessary to
                      carry out its functions.

          (6)        A school council may make bylaws governing its meetings and the conduct of its affairs

          (7)        Subject to the regulations, a board may develop and implement policies respecting school councils.

          (8)        A board shall establish an appeal process or conflict resolution procedure under which the principal or the school council may apply
                      respecting disputes on policies proposed or adopted for a school.

          (9)        The Minister, on the request of the board, may dissolve a school council without notice at any time if the Minister is of the opinion that
                       the school council is not carrying out its responsibilities in accordance with this Act and the regulations.

          (10)      The Minister may make regulations

(a)        respecting the election or appointment of the members of a school council and the term or other conditions of election or
            appointment and the dissolution of a school council;

(b)        respecting the roles of the principal and the school council of a school and their respective powers, duties and responsibilities;

(c)        respecting any other matter the Minister considers necessary respecting school councils;

(d)        exempting a school or class of schools from the application of this section. 1988 cS-3.1 s17;1990 c36 s6;1994 c29 s8;1995 c27
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