Advocacy Policy

ASCA Member School Councils considered twenty-one (21) Advocacy Resolutions at the 2019 Annual General Meeting on April 28, 2019. Twelve (12) of the proposed Advocacy Resolutions were passed by ASCA Members, and will be included in the ASCA Advocacy Policy Manual.

2019 Advocacy Resolutions Carried

Response from Education Minister regarding Advocacy Resolutions carried into Policy 2019

Additional comments from Minister LaGrange regarding Advocacy Policies passed 2019

Response from Transportation Minister, Ric McIver, on Advocacy Policy P19-20 passed into policy 2019


ASCA Advocacy Policy Manual 2019

ASCA policy is determined by members. Members submit Proposed Advocacy Resolutions, that are presented at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to the membership. Resolutions passed by a majority vote at the AGM become Advocacy Policy statements of ASCA and are utilized in committee work and advocating change to the Education Ministry.

Policies are added and updated each year after the Annual General Meeting in the ASCA Policy Manual. It contains a complete record of all policies passed in the history of the Association. The manual also indicates overarching advocacy policy statements regarding specific topic areas.

Outdated, or obsolete policies can be addressed at the Annual General Meeting, in the form of “housekeeping items”, for review and updating by the membership.

ASCA Advocacy and Action Update 2018-2019

The Annual Advocacy Update outlines the committee(s) participation that ASCA has presented its member school council’s advocacy positions on throughout the year.

Position statements are presented utilizing the policies in the association advocacy manual - generated from member resolutions presented and passed at the AGM each year.

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ASCA Advocacy Overview