Alberta’s provincial Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum, or “programs of study”, is defined as “what” students are expected to know, understand, and be able to do in each subject and grade.

Alberta Education is moving forward in a commitment to build a curriculum that ensures students finish high school with the knowledge, skills and competencies they need for the future. Opportunities to provide input on future curriculum are now available.

An independent advisory panel appointed by government has provided recommendations for curriculum and drafted a new vision for student learning that will help shape the direction of education.

The panel was established to inform improvements to the education system and provide recommendations on the direction for curriculum.

A draft Ministerial Order on Student Learning was created by the curriculum advisory panel. It’s a document that defines the values, foundations and outcomes for kindergarten to grade 12 education in Alberta. It emphasizes the essential knowledge and foundational skills students need to succeed beyond high school.

More about the Curriculum Advisory Panel

Engagement opportunities for parents and guardians around the draft Ministerial Order on Student Learning, to provide feedback and input to help shape the direction of education is available through a survey and sessions.

Feedback will also help guide Alberta Education’s work in updating the curriculum.

The voice of parents and guardians in this work is critically important and are encouraged to have their say.

“Have your say, in shaping the vision for student learning”