Student Wellness

Child and Youth Well-being Action Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest public health crisis we have faced in more than a generation. It has affected all Albertans’ lives, including children and youth. Given those far-reaching impacts, Alberta appointed an expert advisory Child and Youth Well-Being Panel in 2021 to better understand the full scope of the psychological, social, educational, and physical effects on children and youth.


Healthy school communities support the wellness of all members and strive to be healthy settings for living, learning, and working. School Boards, as governors, set policies which contribute to healthy school communities and educational success.

Alberta Health Services has developed a Comprehensive School Health website to support the development and implementation of healthy school policies.


Second National Survey on Inclusion in Canadian Secondary Schools - How inclusive are Canadian secondary schools?


Healthy Eating at School (Alberta Health Services)

Practical information and checklists on topics including food marketing, fundraising, special lunch days, menu planning and working with food vendors. The Healthy Eating Poster Series is intended to support the education component of the Alberta School Nutrition Program.

Key messages new Canada's Food Guide: for schools


Redesigned Adolescent Depression & Anxiety Series resources

The Alberta Health Services Provincial Mental Health Promotion & Illness Prevention Team is pleased to announce the release of a completely redesigned and updated Adolescent Depression Series resource. They have combined the individual topics found in the series into one convenient booklet now called, Teen Self-Management for Depression and Anxiety.

This new booklet provides evidence-based information and age-appropriate activities (youth ages 13-18) which service providers, parents or caregivers, and youth can use to help manage depression and anxiety as well as support positive mental health and resilience. Key themes in this booklet include: nutrition, physical activity, relaxation, substance use, social connection, and treatment. 

Ever Active Schools

Ever Active Schools (EAS) facilitates the development of healthy children and youth by fostering social and physical environments that support healthy, active school communities.

EAS is a connecting point and hub within the province for the advancement of comprehensive school health and the support of provincial efforts around healthy children and youth. Ever Active Schools works directly with Alberta schools supporting wellness education and comprehensive school health, building capacity through innovative projects and through competency focused learning opportunities.

The Supporting Every Student Learning Series is intended to support professional learning opportunities for school and school authority leaders around creating or enhancing welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments that support student success and wellbeing. The series provides access to information on research and evidence-based practices through recorded “TedTalk” style presentations and conversation guides, with links for further information.

Healthy School Communities

Alberta Health Services - Support for Healthy School Communities

Healthy students are better learners and better-educated students are healthier

The Comprehensive School Health (CSH) approach is used widely within Alberta to improve student health and educational success. Parents and school councils play an integral role in supporting the CSH approach. Parents can help create healthy school communities in many different ways. For example, they can act as:

  • Leaders in planning and implementing wellness initiatives within schools or the broader community. For example, being part of a school health team or engaging with community organizations such as a local recreation centres.
  • Role models for their children by practicing healthy behaviours at home and taking part in family events hosted at the school or in the community.
  • Advocates for healthy school environments by voicing their opinions with decision makers, including wellness on school council meeting agendas and influencing the development or implementation of wellness policies.

Strong partnerships are central to the success of the CSH approach. Alberta Health Services staff are available to support parents and school councils (and all school community members) in creating healthier environments for students.

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The Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund is a joint initiative between the University of Alberta and the University of Alberta's School of Public Health and the Government of Alberta.

The Wellness Fund advances comprehensive school health by funding projects that enhance health and wellness among school-aged children and youth to create sustainable healthy school communities. 

A healthy school community is one that embeds a sustainable culture of wellness for children, youth and the entire school community using a comprehensive school health approach to create an inclusive, collaborative and connected environment. It is a school community that constantly strengthens its ability as a healthy setting for living, learning and working.

School Councils can support their own school in becoming a healthier environment.

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