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Formed in 1929 as an affiliate of the Canadian Home and School Federation, the Alberta School Councils' Association (ASCA) has changed over the years as parent involvement and engagement in education became increasingly valued and supported. In 1995, revisions to the Alberta School Act included mandated school councils - a forum for parents to advise the principal and school board on education matters.

ASCA's role evolved to promote and support strong school communities with effective school councils as a means to facilitate collaborations among education partners, including parents, to enhance student learning.

Today, committed to the vision of "a respected and empowered school council in every Alberta school”, the Alberta School Councils' Association encourages parent engagement in education at the local (school), regional (school board) and provincial (ASCA Board of Directors) levels, primarily through the vehicle of school council.

ASCA provides resources and support to further this vision in a variety of ways, promoting positive relationships between parents, teachers, principals, central office personnel and school trustees. Supporting effective school council practices and demonstrating how parent engagement can enhance school improvement strategies, and ultimately student success, is at the core of all ASCA efforts.

ASCA advances the "parents' perspective” on education issues to government, education partner organizations and others. The collective parents' "voice” is gathered through a resolution process culminating in debate and vote at an Annual General Meeting of the Association. Resolutions carried into policy inform ASCA advocacy efforts.

A non-profit society, the ASCA is governed by an elected, volunteer board of directors comprised of parents on school councils from across Alberta. ASCA members are school councils from rural, urban, metro, public, separate, charter and francophone schools.

ASCA Annual Report 2022-2023

ASCA Objects of Incorporation 2018

Bylaws of the Association (2023)

Board Vision Path 2025-2028

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Mandate, Mission and Vision


ASCA will engage and empower Alberta school councils while advocating for the parent voice in the education system.


A respected and empowered school council in every Alberta school.


Parents are recognized and respected as knowledgeable, supportive contributors to their children’s education, and are provided a variety of opportunities to be authentically engaged in all levels of the education system.


Respect: For all individuals within the Association, for diverse views and beliefs, for education partnerships.

Honesty and Truthfulness: In dealings with members and one another, in open, clear communication, in dealings with partners.

Integrity: In all endeavours, to operate above reproach in actions and in words, in building trust and trustworthiness.

Teamwork: In working together for common good, within and between ASCA Board of Directors and staff, with the membership, with education partners.


The ASCA will adhere to and support its values by being adaptable, responsive, responsible and collaborative in all its dealings.



As a province‐wide organization of school councils, ASCA:

  • Brings the parental perspective on education issues to government and others;
  • Provides resources and support to enhance school council effectiveness;
  • Promotes the involvement and engagement of parents in education, primarily through school councils;
  • Works with other education organizations and government to promote excellence in public education;
  • Provides well‐researched and timely information on education to school councils.