The Parent Voice

The provincial organization representing parents' voice in public education.

ASCA policy is determined by members. Members submit issues for change, resolutions that are presented at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to the assembly representing the membership. Carried resolutions become advisory policy statements of ASCA and are presented and reflected in committee work.

Provincial Decision-Making

Alberta Education and the organizations representing teachers, school boards, superintendents, universities and others, regularly collaborate on provincial level issues through joint advisory committees.

ASCA brings the collective parent voice, from member school councils, to the education committees.
Committee work may include: curriculum review and development, education funding, inclusive  education, technology, school facilities, teacher certification, student records management, the roles of school councils, safety and transportation, English language learning and more.

The ASCA Board also shares member input directly with the office of the Minister of Education and other provincial decision-makers.

ASCA also initiates committees or projects significant and relevant to parents on and through school councils.

What is Advocacy?

Issues for Change in Education

Each year, on behalf of parents, school councils or groups of school councils meet regularly in Alberta and discuss education issues that affect the learning successes of children.

To influence change to these issues at the provincial level, school councils/COSCs send the issues to the ASCA office in order that they be considered, discussed and debated by school council delegates province-wide at the ASCA Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Issue statements that receive majority support from voting parent school council members at the AGM become directives for action or policy of the association which inform the provincial advocacy work of ASCA and utilized at provincial education advisory committees to represent the collective parent voice.