We represent parents on school council to engage with Alberta’s Education Ministry.


Thank you for your October 3, 2016 letter announcing the release of the Alberta School Councils’ Association’s (ASCA) New School Council Resource Guide. I respect the time and effort your association has taken to create an updated document. It is also exciting to see that ASCA continues its work to encourage common practice and improve school council effectiveness in the province. I have shared copies of the New School Council Resource Guide with ministry staff.

— Education Minister David Eggen

"I found this to be a very informative resource, that was easy to read and clear. Although I have looked through the 2007 version it was overwhelming in length. This being much shorter allows the whole document to be reviewed easily, and then sections to be reviewed in greater detail as needed by using the link. As an inexperienced Chair I appreciate this resource and the layout."

— S. Anderson

As a first time attendee and someone who is completely new to ASCA, I thought this was extremely informative event and our school will now be getting representatives from ASCA to come and do a presentation on the purpose of a school council to recruit more members. Thanks to all the hard work that goes into this and the food was amazing!

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