Education in Alberta

About Alberta Education

Alberta’s K-12 education system

How Alberta’s school system works, school locations, and administrative planning, reporting and funding.

Education events, engagements and news

Newsletters, events, school councils and opportunities that help students, parents and teachers engage in education.


Alberta Education supports students, parents, teachers and administrators from Early Childhood Services (ECS) through Grade 12.

The Ministry has the following responsibilities:
• Develops curriculum and sets standards
• Evaluates curriculum and assesses outcomes
• Teacher development and certification
• Supports special needs students
• Funds and supports school boards
• Aboriginal and francophone education
• Oversees basic education policy and regulations

The Minister of Education is the Honourable David Eggen.

Albertans invest each year in public education to educate the 557,892 Kindergarten to Grade 12 students in Alberta’s francophone, public and separate schools. Costs of building and maintaining schools is also necessary.

The provincial government collects taxes and decides each year how much money to allocate to school boards, who decide how to spend that money locally. While taxpayers foot most of the bill for public education, school boards may collect a little money through local fees, selling goods and services, investments and local fundraising.

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