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Legislative Assembly of Alberta

The Legislative Assembly is the focal point of our democratic process. It is where laws are passed, policies approved and programs developed, all of which affect our way of life in Alberta.

There are 87 Members of the Legislative Assembly. They belong to political parties, and each represents a different constituency.

Following an election the leader of the party having the most seats in the Assembly becomes the Premier and forms a government by choosing a cabinet from among the MLAs in that party. Each Cabinet Minister is responsible for a government department.

The elected Members from other parties form the opposition. Their job is to serve as a check on the government, criticizing and suggesting alternatives to its policies. The opposition party with the most seats is called the Official Opposition.

Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs)

Members of the Legislative Assembly are elected by Albertans to make the laws they live by.

To find out Who your MLA is, or how to contact a Minister or Ministry, go to

Assembly Online

The proceedings of the House and its committees are available on the Legislative Assembly website at