Engagement Task Force

School Council Engagement Task Force

(Please Note - A sign up form must be submitted, in order to receive a survey request to provide input.)

Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA) Members:

The ASCA Board of Directors engages with Member School Councils, in an advisory capacity, through the School Council Engagement Task Force (SCETF).

The School Council Engagement Task Force is comprised of parents throughout the province, who are identified by their school council, to provide input on relevant education issues to the Board of Directors.

The ASCA Board recognizes the invaluable perspectives that individual councils provide, and appreciate the opportunity to gain a truly province-wide view from members.

If you are a parent on an ASCA Member School Council, and are interested in participating, please submit the form below.

Members of the School Council Engagement Task Force must be willing to consult with their individual school council and parent community, regarding input on survey questions posed, and submit responses to ASCA in a timely manner. 

Survey questions are distributed via email, along with information to help facilitate topic(s) discussion.

A summary of "What we Heard" back from members in response to topics or questions posed are posted on our website.

Excited for the opportunity to collaborate with members throughout the province, ASCA looks forward to working with you and your school council this school year!

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Please Note - the Task Force operates on an annual basis in the current school year (Sept-June) only, and does not carry over from a previous year. Participants must register (or re-register) each year.

Sign up here:

School Council Engagement Task Force

Our school council would like to participate in the School Council Engagement Task Force and act in an advisory capacity to the Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA) Board of Directors for the 2023-24 school year.
I am a parent on an ASCA voting Member School Council that has been identified by our council as the representative for the School Council Engagement Task Force.
I will be “readily available” via email and respond in a timely manner.
I am willing to consult my school council with requests for information from ASCA.

This represents express consent for the Alberta School Councils' Association (ASCA) to send Commercial Electronic Messages (CEM) to me: *for the purpose(s) of education news, updates and association business, *from the Alberta School Councils' Association (ASCA), It's employees, directors, and general email address of parents@albertaschoolcouncils.ca; and * I may withdraw my consent any any time by contacting communications@albertaschoolcouncils.ca