Banquet Entertainment

The Silver Wedding Band

The Silver Wedding Band are a 7-piece Rock N Roll Country Disco cover band from Edmonton, Alberta. Guaranteed to have you dancing and singing along all night! 

Fronted by vocalists Kayla Shanti and Emma Frazier, the band features members from The Bobby Tenderloin Universe, The Wet Secrets and Squids. Most members are also instructors for The Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton’s Centre for Arts and Music.

From weddings to rodeos to local shows, this band brings the party! Recent projects have included YO GABBA GABBA (ABBA) and Twain Gretzky Overdrive (Shania Twain) tribute acts. Stay tuned for their Madonna and Fleetwood Mac tributes next!

Performing live at the Conference Banquet Saturday evening April 27, 2024!