Possible 2024 Changes to Legislation Impacting Education

Member/Parent Perspective on Possible 2024 Legislative Changes Impacting Education

There are two proposed pieces of legislation that have been announced that have the potential to impact education. (View background materials below)

1) Political Parties in Municipal Elections

2) Parents Rights / Preserving Student Choice

The ASCA Board of Directors wants to ensure our Members are aware of the proposed legislation, and have the opportunity to take part in a survey about each if they choose.

The results of the surveys will help the ASCA Board with conversations internally and externally related to the proposed legislation changes. We ask that parents on school councils complete one or both surveys if they are interested in helping the ASCA Board understand more about what parents currently know and think about these potential changes.

While the deadline has passed for submitting a Proposed Advocacy Resolution (January 15, 2024) for the ASCA April 28, 2024 AGM, the Association recognizes that there can be emergent education issues that arise after the deadline.

There is a possibility of Emergent Resolutions coming before the Assembly during the AGM. Emergent Resolutions may be submitted by ASCA Member School Councils or may be presented by the ASCA Board of Directors. There may also be no Emergent Resolutions.

Each survey closed on Monday, April 8th, 2024, at 12:00 noon. Thank you to the over 2000 Alberta parents who participated!

Thank you for your consideration and participation. We hope to see you at our Conference and AGM!

Brandi Rai
ASCA President

1) Political Parties in Municipal Elections

Municipal Political Parties – LAEA Review

Alberta could soon change legislation on municipal political parties | Globalnews.ca

Review of the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) and the Municipal Government Act (MGA)

Maintaining Non-Partisan Municipal Elections

2) Parents Rights / Preserving Student Choice

Alberta to introduce parental rights legislation next week | Globalnews.ca

What does 'parental rights' actually mean? | CBC News

Alberta premier says legislation on gender policies for children, youth coming this fall | CBC News

Parental consent about new pronouns at school among policy proposals at UCP AGM | CBC News


The purpose of the surveys related to potential changes in legislation impacting education is:

  1. To inform parents about these possible changes if they didn’t already know.
  2. To inform ASCA School Councils attending the AGM that there may, or may not, be Emergent Resolutions related to these at the AGM.
  3. To provide parents’ perspectives on each of these to the ASCA Board of Directors to inform internal and external conversations, with or without Emergent Resolutions.