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Financial Literacy Resources WEBINAR for K-12 PARENTS & GUARDIANS

FREE Financial Literacy Resources Toolkit at Your Fingertips!

Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE)
Webinar RECORDING from January 23, 2024:  
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Financial literacy is not a buzz word or only privy to those in the business world. We all need financial, economic knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviours to secure our financial future and to achieve and sustain financial health!

That said, we have some an awesome FREE financial literacy resources toolkit for you! What youth doesn’t dream of ‘being rich’ some day or solving world peace and hunger? Whether the topic is about basic money and decision making, borrowing money, or using credits, or economic citizenship, students want to know more about it.

Connecting you to our toolkit of financial literacy resources that correlate to financial literacy curriculum outcomes has never been easier! “Building Futures in Alberta BFIA)” resources (available in English and French) will support financial education and financial literacy outcomes for Alberta K-12 students.

Join Deb and Deb to explore a wide range of resources and activities using FREE financial literacy resources.

Debbie Vance

Debbie Vance

Debbie Vance, a K-12 educator in Alberta, is currently the team lead for “Building Futures in Alberta” for Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE). As an educator in Alberta, she has worked across many subject areas and grades levels and has been integral in designing and developing the Career Pathways Model for the Calgary Board of Education. Debbie has also had the pleasure of implementing Dual Credit across the province of Alberta which has transformed student’s future Career Paths. Debbie has worked with Alberta Education, Advanced Education and Alberta Labour developing the Career Development Strategy for Alberta Connecting Learning and Work.

The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE), in partnership with Alberta Education, has just launched and will be coordinating the “Building Futures in Alberta” program in English and French that will be comprised of a variety of activities drawing upon our existing programs, modifying and adapting a number of resources, and creating new resources to support improvements in financial education and financial literacy. CFEE has, and will continue to, launch a series of WebPD sessions to provide updates to the new resources. She has also worked for the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education implementing TWOKAM (Talk to Your Kids About Money) and My Money My Future.

Deborah MacFadyen

Deborah MacFadyen

Deborah MacFadyen, Ambrose University Consultant and Sessional, for Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) Building Futures in Alberta (BFIA) consultant, is an experienced K-12 educator, administrator, PD facilitator and published author whose academic credentials include B.Sc., B.Ed., and M.Ed. in Teaching, Learning and Supervision. Deb has provided innovative, strategic leadership throughout her career in schools, central office, Alberta Education, CTEC Vice President, and a Director on the SafeGen Board of Directors in various leadership roles in math, science, IOP, K&E, CTS, Career Pathways, Off-Campus, and Health and Safety initiatives throughout the province.

Deb has facilitated many diverse professional development opportunities and partnerships across the province with school jurisdictions, post-secondary, business and industry and ATA Councils mentoring students, teachers, and administrators in implementing provincial legislation, regulation, policy, programs of study using effective pedagogical practice and personalization of learning.