K-12 Education and Covid-19

2021-2022 School Year Plan - UPDATED August 13, 2021

News Release: Extending timelines for COVID-19 transition

News Release: Health guide, tool kit and on-site vaccination ensure safe school year ahead

Preparing for a new school year 2021-2022 (government website)

Alberta students will return to school for fall 2021. Parents, students and school staff can look forward to many classroom and school activities as they did before the pandemic, such as sports and extracurricular activities.

Consistent with the extended timelines for easing COVID-19 measures, the following actions will continue:

  • students and staff should screen daily for symptoms using the Alberta Health Daily Checklist
  • isolate if they have core COVID-19 symptoms or test positive
  • follow best practices to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses

School authorities continue to have the ability and the corresponding accountability to put in place local measures, such as physical distancing, cohorting, and masking requirements that may exceed provincial guidance.

Planning and guidance

Guidance for Respiratory Illness Prevention and Management in Schools - supports schools and school authority leaders to reduce the risk of transmission of illness and infection among students, staff and visitors.

2021-22 School Year Plan - protects Albertans and provides direction for school authorities including scenarios to continue student learning if there is a significant change in the COVID-19 situation.

2021-22 Parent Guide - provides helpful information for parents and students as they prepare for the return to school.

Letter from the Chief Medical Officer of Health on returning to school for fall 2021 (August 13, 2021). | French

ASCA is asking parents and guardians to review the revised back to school plan, in addition to the related guidance documents. Please submit comments to parents@albertaschoolcouncils.ca .