We represent parents on school council to engage with Alberta’s Education Ministry.


This conference never fails to not only provide me some great training opportunities, but inspire me with all the engaged parents that I meet. It is so great that parents have the ability to collaborate together through ASCA.

"I found this to be a very informative resource, that was easy to read and clear. Although I have looked through the 2007 version it was overwhelming in length. This being much shorter allows the whole document to be reviewed easily, and then sections to be reviewed in greater detail as needed by using the link. As an inexperienced Chair I appreciate this resource and the layout."

— S. Anderson

This was the first time that I attended ASCA and had a wonderful experience. The keynote speakers and breakout sessions were highly informative; not only for my role within School Council; but also as a parent and in my own professional role! Wonderful venue as well.

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