We represent parents on school council to engage with Alberta’s Education Ministry.


Thank you for your October 3, 2016 letter announcing the release of the Alberta School Councils’ Association’s (ASCA) New School Council Resource Guide. I respect the time and effort your association has taken to create an updated document. It is also exciting to see that ASCA continues its work to encourage common practice and improve school council effectiveness in the province. I have shared copies of the New School Council Resource Guide with ministry staff.

— Education Minister David Eggen

I love your new website, especially the Resource Section. It's excellent - I've got some summer reading to do now. Thank you, Terri (current Harry Ainlay School Council Chair, Edmonton)

— Terri Rolfson

I loved meeting different parents and trustees from different parts of the province and how they organize fundraisers and functions. It was a very well run and informative conference. Will definitely be back.

— Kalena Christenson

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