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Budget 2023: Securing Alberta’s future

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Budget 2023 secures Alberta’s future by growing the economy, creating good-paying jobs, strengthening health care and education, and keeping Alberta communities safe.

Budget 2023 forecasts a surplus of $2.4 billion in 2023-24 and reflects the government decisions to invest in Alberta’s future and provide security for Alberta families and communities.

“Fiscal responsibility matters. It’s been key to achieving our strong fiscal standing and will be essential for sustainable program delivery in the future. In Budget 2023, we continue our commitment to paying down debt all while continuing to position our economy for growth and invest in the top priorities of Albertans.”

Travis Toews, President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance

Growing jobs and the economy

Budget 2023 advances the province’s already successful Alberta at Work initiative, investing a further $176 million in 2025-26 to help Albertans build their skills and find jobs, and assisting employers in their search for workers in existing and emerging sectors.

A $111-million increase over three years will add seats to expand enrolment in areas with the highest student demand, including non-trade construction, energy, technology and business. Alberta’s government is committed to removing barriers in order to attract highliy skilled professionals and job-creating entrepreneurs to Alberta.

Investments in aviation and aerospace, agri-food manufacturing and $24.5 million this fiscal year to the Alberta Technology and Innovation Strategy will enhance emerging and innovative technologies, drive economic diversification and attract even more venture capital investments to build on successive record-breaking years. A $54-million per year increase in funding for the Alberta Petrochemicals Incentive Program starting in 2025-26 will support Air Products’ clean hydrogen facility – and continue to make Alberta a global leader in petrochemical production, bring long-term investments and create thousands of construction jobs.

Transforming health care to meet Albertans’ needs

Alberta’s government is setting a new record for spending in health care this year by committing an additional $965 million in operating expense in 2023-24 for the Ministry of Health to continue to build a stronger health-care system for Albertans. This funding will ensure the government can take the urgent action needed to improve ambulance response times, decrease emergency room wait times, reduce wait times for surgeries and attract more front-line health workers to deliver the care patients expect and deserve.

Budget 2023 includes $158 million this year to attract, recruit and train more doctors and nurses to work across the province, with a focus on family physicians for rural areas. Alberta’s primary health-care system is being strengthened and modernized with a record $2 billion over three years. Another $196 million over three years will strengthen emergency medical services and $3.1 billion over three years will modernize and expand health facilities across Alberta, including the Red Deer Regional Hospital and expanding capacity for operating rooms in 15 communities to complete more of the surgeries Albertans are waiting for. An additional $529 million in capital maintenance and renewal funding will be used to keep facilities operational and a further $732 million in self-financed investment will add to health infrastructure.

Supporting Albertans, students and families

With $2.3 billion in affordability measures in 2023-24, $1.5 billion in 2024-25 and another $1.8 billion in 2025-26, Alberta’s government is keeping more money in the pockets of Albertans and continues to provide a helping hand to those in need. New relief measures will save post-secondary students about $18 million each year with lower interest rates for student loans.  Adoptive families will have access to more subsidies and tax breaks to make adoption more feasible. Workers in the social services sector will see their wages increased by 10 per cent, so they can continue to provide compassionate services to people with complex needs, those experiencing homelessness or family violence. Albertans will also receive a larger tax credit when they donate to their favourite charities to lend a helping hand.

An increase of $1.8 billion for education will help Alberta’s young people succeed and thrive in smaller classes. This increase will support the hiring of up to 3,000 education staff, including teachers, educational assistants, bus drivers and school support staff to give students the focused time and attention they need to succeed in their studies.

The government is also investing $59.3 million in 2023-24 to create thousands more licensed child-care spaces as part of opening a total of 68,700 new spaces by the end of March 2023, increasing access and choice so parents can go to school, work and participate in the economy. Affordability grants to child-care operators and subsidies for parents will further lower the cost of child care, with the Alberta federal-provincial child-care agreement already reducing fees by an average of 50 per cent in 2022 for young children.

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