Parent Study

Parents are being asked to participate in a study that is examining rural and city school parents’ sense of community in secondary schools.

Purpose of the Study

Educators know that children and youth have the best chances for success in school when the entire school community supports schools.

We also know, however, much has changed about society and families. For example, we have new ways of communicating and interacting through e-mail, texting, Facebook, etc. People are mobile. Family compositions differ—nuclear, blended, foster, adoptive, lone-parent, same-sex parent, and so on. 

Yet, when educators attempt to engage parents as part of the school community, they tend to use traditional means, and assume that “school community” is defined by proximity, unity, and stability. 

What, then, will it take in today’s world to have parents feel like they are part of their children’s school community? What are the factors and conditions that influence the meaning of community in schools? Importantly, what makes parents feel in community with their children’s schools? 

This is what Dr. Bonnie L. Stelmach, Associate Professor, University of Alberta, Department of Educational Policy Studies, wants to learn from parents.

What makes YOU feel IN COMMUNITY with your child’s school?

Do you have children in grades 7-12?

Do your children attend a school in a city with more than 50,000 people?

Do you want to be part of a study that is examining rural and city school parents’ sense of community in secondary schools?

If you said YES to these questions, you are invited to participate in a research study about secondary school parents’ sense of community with their children’s schools.

WHO is conducting the study? Dr. Bonnie Stelmach, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta

WHAT do I have to do, and WHERE? Participate in an interview (in person, telephone, or Skype, Facetime) for about 1 hour, and agree to a brief follow up discussion.  If you live in Edmonton, a face-to-face interview may be arranged, but you could also participate from the comfort of your home!

WHEN do I have to do this?  Data will be collected between January and April 2018.  Interviews will be scheduled to accommodate you.

WHY is this study being done?  Bonnie wants to learn about how junior/senior high school parents feel in community with their children’s schools.  She wants to identify factors that are specific to rural and city schools.

HOW will my information be used?  The research will be reported in writing and published in academic and/or professional journals, and will be presented at academic/professional conferences.

Please contact Bonnie at or 780-492-9890 if you want to be part of this study.

Feel free to pass on the information to a parent who might be interested!


Dr. Bonnie L. Stelmach

Associate Professor 

Department of Educational Policy Studies

Faculty of Education

7-145 Education North

University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

T6G 2G5

Office Tel: 780.492.9890


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