Webinar Wednesdays

Webinar Wednesdays present interactive online training sessions, focused on topic areas specific to the work of school councils.

All ASCA online training sessions focused on School Council related topics are Alberta School Council Engagement (ASCE) Grant eligible. With approval from an attendee’s school council, the registration fee may be paid for from the ASCE Grant funding.

Presentations by Guest Speakers may be ASCE Grant eligible – ASCA recommends this be decided by your school council.

Online training focused on Fundraising Association operations is not ASCE Grant eligible.

*Paid registrants attending an ASCA Webinar Wednesday Feb 9 – Apr 6 can receive a $25 discount (promo code) to reduce Conference fees. Note – conference registration fees are NOT ASCE Grant eligible.

1 hour sessions are offered on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm. (*except as indicated 90 minutes)

ASCA utilizes Zoom Conferencing Meeting platform - suitable for home computers, laptops or mobile devices. Participants can join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Registration Fee is $25.00 (unless noted otherwise) No refunds.

A link to the webinar recording will be available – at no cost - to all paid registrants and will expire on 12:00 noon the following Monday.

Registration Deadline is 8:00 am on the Monday prior to the Webinar Wednesday. Payment must be received by 8:00 a.m. on the Tuesday prior to the Webinar Wednesday.

A minimum of 5 paid registrants are required, or the webinar will be cancelled. ASCA will refund the registration fee to any paid registrant of a cancelled webinar.

After registering, you will receive an email with information to provide payment. Once payment is processed, you will receive your Zoom link to join the webinar.

When you register for the Zoom webinar, please ensure you are using your own/individual email address that you want the Zoom link to be sent to so you can join the webinar.


November 10
The Work of School Council

January 5
School Council Purpose

Date Topic * Notes Registration Link

Apr 27

Guest Presentation

Emily Milne (PhD), Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at MacEwan University

Exploring Meaningful Ways to Engage Parents of Indigenous Students

This presentation draws on data from interviews and focus groups with 201 Indigenous students and teachers and parents of Indigenous students connected to one Alberta school division to explore how to engage parents of Indigenous students in meaningful ways.

Specifically, this presentation will consider experiences and perspectives related to family-school interactions as well as promising practices to foster meaningful relationships between Indigenous families and schools, and how this learning can be extended into the work of school councils.