Webinar Session

Starting a Social Media Conversation with Kids - Jo(e) Social Media Inc.

June 9, 2021 at 8:00 pm

Adults and kids are using social media in two very different ways, and many kids don’t feel like they can approach an adult with their problems, or even the things they’re excited about.

Jo(e) Social Media, Inc. is committed to bridging this gap and doing everything they can to start a positive social media conversation in homes.

This presentation is similar to the conversation they have in schools. The difference? Jo(e) will share with you the answers the kids have given them and offer tips and solutions on where adults can help.

Presented via Zoom

Register at https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMkcOygrjgjHdV1SQvCVYkQjVc3AfeV9jp-

Jo(e) Social Media is a Professional Social Media Agency based in Lacombe, Alberta


Jo Phillips and Joe Whitbread have been working with schools across Alberta since 2016 and have volunteered their time in many Schools and communities in the past several years.

The Jo(e)s have spoken with more than 34,000 kids from grades 4 to 12 and in each school, regardless of grade, the feedback is the same. Kids have fun and they feel validated and heard. As well, teachers express gratitude for the message, and appreciate some much-needed perspective, regarding this world our kids are living in.

 “We bring a positive message, not focused on fear but instead on possibility and guidance.”


With a degree in Psychology focused on motivation and personality, and a minor in Sociology from the University of Calgary, Jo loves to watch how people interact both on social media, and in the outside world, and convert it to opportunity. As a motivational speaker, Jo is known for big ideas, quick creative thinking and an ability to identify the pain and fix it. Her passion lies in helping kids. Jo’s a Mom, and Bon Jovi super-fan, and always has at least one book on the go.

JOE WHITBREAD - @JoeWhitbread

Joe started his career in broadcast journalism and live entertainment, before transitioning to social media when it became apparent this was where businesses would have to be, to be seen. As a public speaker, professional emcee, PA announcer, and voiceover artist, Joe has hosted thousands of events in his 25+ year public and stage career. Joe’s a Dad, an artist, Flames fan, and can most often be found on summer days swinging a club on the golf course.