COVID-19 and School Councils

SCHOOL COUNCILS and COVID-19 (ASCA update April 9, 2020)

Moving forward in challenging times, COVID-19 has created a new way of learning for students, parents, and the school community.

ASCA believes school councils can assist, bridging the home to school, connecting the community, with resources, supports and positive engagement to benefit student success.

School councils can, and should, continue operating during this unique period. Well positioned to bring the community together, school councils connect parents, school administration, Trustees, and the school division, with the school.

A meaningful exchange of ideas, support and information sharing is an ideal function for school councils. The Principal’s role is integral to moving forward, and communication channels are key. Now, more than ever, collaborative and innovative ways to refocus and reconnect the school community must be considered.

In the new reality of social distancing and online delivery, ASCA has ramped up digital resources, virtual interactions and opportunities for school councils to utilize in ongoing operations.

ASCA is restructuring delivery of services, workshops and supports, by offering online learning resources for school councils. An inventory of informative web clips, webcasts and webinars is being developed to assist school councils for optimal continuity.

Starting April 20, ASCA will host Meeting Mondays – online engagements, creating a forum for school council parents to share information, learn from, and support each other.

Webinar Wednesdays will commence on April 22, presenting interactive online training sessions, focused on topic areas specific to the work of school councils. (click here for Schedule details)

The ASCA online learning resources website section for school councils, will include web clips (shorter, distinct information; 2 to 4 minute videos) and webcasts (longer information videos; 5 to 7 minutes in length) with a beneficial range of topics, as they become available.

First available, is Refocusing School Council Work during Covid-19, a vital webcast, developed to address the current reality and key considerations for the work of school council.

ASCA believes in the essence of school councils at the core of a school community and is committed to providing services and supports to ensure sustainability.

With capacity to adapt and work together in times of change, school councils will contribute to a better future, connecting for the benefit of student success and a stronger education community.

Be well and stay connected!

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