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Vision for Public Education

Stand For Education campaign moves to second phase

"Round table discussions” is the next phase of the Stand For Education campaign that saw more than 4,000 people rally at the Alberta legislature on October 22.

Part of the Stand for Education campaign is a public engagement process that has been designed to develop a bold  and hopeful vision for the future of public education in Alberta.

This is to be achieved through a series of public roundtable discussions between November 2022 and February 2023.

The purpose of the roundtable discussions is to advance and promote a hopeful vision for the public education system into Alberta’s future. This conversation will also be used as an opportunity to unearth the diversity of students’  academic, social and emotional challenges and needs in our public schools, and pathways of support moving forward.

Presenting a hopeful vision for public education generated by the public roundtable discussions in advance of the 2023 provincial election. A report summarizing and reflecting all hopeful visions received will be available to the public in late February or early March.

Defining priorities for the future of education in Alberta. School Councils Hopeful Conversations

What are your hopes for Alberta’s children and our public schools so that they can thrive now and into the future? 

That is the guiding question at the core of the series of public discussions. (View locations and dates)

Setting a bold vision for the future of public education, a vision that Albertans can use to engage public and elected representatives around the importance of education during the upcoming election campaign.

The discussion sessions will allow Albertans to share ideas, needs and solutions for how they want the government to support public education.

A toolkit has been developed and training to promote and facilitate individual group round tables around the province, to share hopeful views for Alberta children and the future of public education.

A version for school councils to incorporate into their meetings is also available.

Help us create a hopeful vision for public education in Alberta!

Identify innovative solutions for Alberta’s children and our public schools now and into the future!

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Working Assumptions:

  • Everyone has wisdom in this room.
  • We need all of this wisdom for the best results.
  • There are no wrong answers.