HEADSTRONG for Families

Seeking parents / caregivers to participate in research.

HEADSTRONG is a program that has helped young adults overcome stigma and create opportunities to discuss mental health more openly.

While HEADSTRONG is an effective resource for youth, there is a need to work with families to help them overcome their own stigma surrounding mental health, and to help create an environment where they can openly discuss mental health with their children and vice versa. 

We are hoping to expand the reach of HEADSTRONG to include families. 

In order to expand the HEADSTRONG program to work with families, we would like to talk to parents/caregivers and youth aged 16-24, to better understand how families discuss mental health, what would prevent them from talking about mental health, and what supports/strategies would be helpful in creating an environment in which families feel comfortable discussing mental health. 

We are hoping to conduct one-on-one interviews or focus groups. These can be conducted over the phone, via skype/zoom, or in person. These interviews will take place in January and February, will be scheduled around your availability and last approximately 1 hour. 

If you are interested or if you have any questions, please contact Eshleen Kaur Grewal at  ekgrewal@ucalgary.ca, or Emma Cullen at emma.cullen@ucalgary.ca

Download information flyer.

This project is being supported by the University of Calgary and the Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research and Education (who are providing the research team) and the Mental Health Commission of Canada.