Policy and Platform

Policy Declaration

The United Conservative Party believes that the Government of Alberta should…

  • ensure the protection and well-being of all children, alongside full respect for parents' rights, freedoms and authority.

Education (Page 5)
The United Conservative Party is committed to…

  • affirming the right of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children.
  • affirming, maintaining and protecting the existence and role of local, democratically elected school boards.
  • supporting safe schools that protect students against discrimination and bullying without compromising the constitutional rights and safety of other students in the process.
  • enabling students to achieve excellence by providing a diverse, results-oriented range of core, extracurricular, post-secondary, skilled trades, and other educational opportunities.
  • maintaining Alberta's legacy of school choice by upholding the established right of parents to choose the education setting best suited for their children including: public, separate, charter, independent, alternative and home education programs.
  • protecting authentic school choice by respecting the freedom of association in independent schools and alternative programs by allowing them to determine their own policies and practices based on each school’s unique character, values and beliefs.
  • parental choice in education, in both form and content.
  • providing transparency and accountability to parents regarding student scholastic outcomes and performance.

Election Platform


(Page 57) Education will be strengthened by working with parents, teachers, principals, and trustees to protect school choice, improve accountability, and deliver the best possible outcomes for our children.

Alberta’s children deserve an excellent, world-class education that will equip them intellectually, socially, and with jobs-ready skills for life.

To ensure that education is a key advantage for Alberta, a United Conservative government would work with parents, teachers, and principals to once again make Alberta’s schools the diverse, excellent classrooms that all Albertans desire and deserve.

The United Conservatives recognize that every child is unique and that parents, not politicians, know what is best for their children.