Education Questions for Party Leaders

The Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA) is interested in learning the political party’s education platforms in the coming provincial election.

ASCA sent letters to the party leaders asking for responses on the following questions:

1. What are your top three priorities for education?

2. What actions would you take in order to provide long-term, predictable and sustainable funding for education?

3. In what ways would you improve support for diverse students and complex classrooms?

4. What priority do you place on student mental health and wellness?

5. How would you ensure that target class size numbers are met?

6. What role do you see school councils playing in the discussions and decisions of Alberta Education?

7. After all the work that has gone into the development of the new K-4 curriculum, what is your party’s position on its implementation?


As party responses are received, they will be shared and posted in this section.


Alberta NDP Response to Questions (April 2, 2019)