School Council Political Engagement

The Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA) works to empower parents and school councils, providing information and resources to navigate the ever-changing education landscape in Alberta.

As a Provincial Election is anticipated in the spring of 2019, the Board of Directors created a package to encourage political involvement prior to the election, and assist with important voting decisions.

Political party platforms will discuss topics including taxes, pipelines, healthcare, and the environment, but ASCA believes Education is a critical topic. Decisions regarding our education system for all students will affect us today, and for many years to come.

The package is designed to encourage interaction with political candidates, ideas for reaching out, seeking information and gaining insight about party perspectives particular to public education.

Specific educational areas of concern for your local school and/or district are ideal conversation starters.

When it comes time to vote, parents on school council can be confident in making a well informed decision about who will champion their children's educational success.

Click here to download the School Council Political Engagement Package

Click here to download the Education is Important door hanger to help initiate a conversation about education with candidates at the door.