Connect with the Education Minister

Recording of the Zoom meeting with the Education Minister on April 2, 2020

PLEASE NOTE * due to technical difficulty - the first 6 minutes of the video does not have VISUALS, but does have important AUDIO. (total video time is 1 hour)

Responses to questions submitted to the Minister (those in advance, in the Zoom QA, and submitted after) available here.

ASCA staff will separate all questions submitted into the Zoom QA - into themes/topics, and post them here – along with the names of the submitters – so everyone has an opportunity to appreciate the volume, theme and topics of the questions. All questions will be sent – verbatim – to the Minister’s staff for a response.

Virtual Meeting Questions for the Minister April 2, 2020  (PDF 652 KB) (62 pages QUESTIONS only)

I would like to take this moment to thank the Honorable Minister LaGrange and those who assisted in organizing this event.

It was informative and clarifying in regards to the process of difficult decision making. 

In this time of uncertainty and feeling of powerlessness, the session provided parents the opportunity to get involved and ask questions to those directly responsible for government actions.

Most importantly, we could view the Minister from a different perspective - a parent, a concerned citizen and a relatable individual. Hopefully more of these video conferences will be held in the future.

Thank you kindly,

Pina Lamb

Notre Dame High School Council, CSSD Calgary

Minister LaGrange

Minister LaGrange

Invitation to Connect with the Minister of Education

Join Education Minister Adriana LaGrange in a virtual engagement session presented by ASCA via Zoom meeting platform on Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 10:00 am – 11:00 am

An opportunity to connect with school council members and parents from across Alberta, the Minister will engage with participants, provide updates in education and take questions about student learning.

To accommodate as many participants as possible, school councils are encouraged to work as a group and register one designate to bring questions and information on behalf of the school community.
The meeting will be recorded and posted on the ASCA website to share with those unable to attend.

This session will utilize the Zoom Conferencing Meeting platform - suitable for participants joining from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

(Download PDF event flyer)