The ASCA Value Campaign

The Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA) developed the “ASCA Value Campaign”, requesting assistance to share and showcase the value of the association to the Alberta government to ensure they recognize the return on investment in supporting the collective voice of parents on school council.  (Campaign Materials, United Conservative Party information)

ASCA believes the parent voice matters.

ASCA believes in the value of parent engagement in public education.

ASCA believes parent engagement in education positively impacts student success.

The work of school council is legislated in Alberta, and a means to garner the voice of parents in education. ASCA historically receives funds from Alberta Education targeted to enhance school council engagement and effectiveness, with training, resources and supports.

ASCA promotes parent involvement in public education, and presents parent views through policy into the provincial education system, working with government and organizations in Alberta.

ASCA ensures parents are recognized and respected as knowledgeable, supportive contributors to their children’s education, and are provided a variety of opportunities to be authentically engaged in all levels of the education system.

ASCA requires financial support to ensure these efforts continue and are sustained in public education to benefit student success. Currently seeking an assurance of continued funding, the association is striving to avoid a demise of operations.

A new government means new relationships. Building awareness, conveying the value of ASCA and how it is of benefit to the government, is the focus of the work to be done before the provincial Budget is tabled in the fall.

Compelling letter-writing and sincere invitations for face-to-face meetings are at the heart of this relationship-building campaign.

Every school community, and ASCA Member School Council, has a story to share, with a local constituent, an MLA, or Cabinet minister. The UCP government places parents at the forefront in their party policies, platform and education priorities.

The ASCA Value Campaign is an opportunity to connect, and affirm the alignment of shared values and common goals of the government and the ASCA.


eNews June 28, 2019