Standards for the Teaching Profession

By setting uniform expectations for all Alberta teachers, principals, school jurisdiction leaders and superintendents, standards help to support the excellent teaching and leadership in Alberta schools.

Three standards were signed as Ministerial Orders in February 2018, making all teaching professionals accountable for their applicable standard to the Minister.

The new standards will come into effect on September 1, 2019. Between now and September 2019, Alberta Education will work with education stakeholders to support educators in learning about the new standards and in preparing for their official implementation.

 The application of the three professional practice standards is as follows:

  • Teaching Quality Standard (TQS) - Applicable to all certificated teachers in Alberta


  • Leadership Quality Standard (LQS) - Applicable to all principals, assistant, associate and vice principals, and school jurisdiction leaders


  • Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard (SLQS) - Applicable to all superintendents and chief deputy superintendents


Overview of the new professional practice standards for the teaching profession.