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Supporting Ukrainian students in schools | Soutenir les élèves ukrainiens dans les écoles

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School authorities will receive more than $12 million in additional funding to support newly enrolled students from Ukraine. 

Millions of people have fled Ukraine, making it one of the fastest-growing displaced citizen crises since the Second World War.

Alberta’s government is proud to continue supporting Ukrainian evacuees who have fled a hostile war instigated by Russia, and is taking steps to ensure that new Ukrainian students feel supported and welcomed.

Schools identified more than 2,200 registered students as Ukrainian evacuees in September. As a result, the government is contributing $12.3 million towards language, social, and educational supports for the new students.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Albertans have stepped up to support Albertans of Ukrainian descent and Ukrainian evacuees. This new funding will help each new student from Ukraine receive the supports they need to be successful in their studies.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

“Schools play an important role in the growth and well-being of youth, which is why Ukrainian children need our help to feel supported and welcomed. The funding we are providing to school authorities will help ensure schools can provide additional language, programming, and mental health supports to new Ukrainian students.”

Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education

This funding will help the students adjust to Alberta’s education system and the community. Additional funding will be provided in March 2023 to ensure Ukrainian children and students who arrive midway through the school year are also supported.

“I am happy that Ukrainian students are getting the support they need to succeed in Alberta classrooms. I look forward to continuing my work in identifying ideas on how our government can continue to assist Ukrainian evacuees.”

Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk, parliamentary secretary for Ukrainian Refugee Settlement

“We are very grateful for the additional funding. Since March 2022, Edmonton Catholic Schools has welcomed 672 students who have been displaced from Ukraine. Our division continues to be highly responsive to their needs. We have added language, educational and mental health supports to ease their transition, and this funding will go so far in helping us continue to create a welcoming, caring and safe learning experience for these vulnerable children.”

Sandra Palazzo, board chair, Edmonton Catholic Schools

“The CBE has welcomed 740 students from Ukraine, with more arriving every week. We are grateful for additional funding to support the needs of these students.”

Susan Vukadinovic, vice chair, Calgary Board of Education

"Elk Island Catholic Schools has welcomed over 40 Ukrainian national students into our schools in Sherwood Park/Strathcona County, Fort Saskatchewan, Camrose and Vegreville since September. We are pleased to hear that there will be additional funding to support Ukrainian students in our schools and across the province. We are very proud of our schools, staff, parishes and greater community for welcoming families from Ukraine and helping them feel at home here. Our communities have been enriched by the opportunity to support these brave and resilient families in their time of need."

Le-Ann Ewaskiw, board chair, Elk Island Catholic Schools

Alberta Education is also providing additional funding to school authorities experiencing significant growth through a new supplemental enrolment growth grant. This grant, announced in August, will provide additional per student funding for school authority growth of more than two per cent ($1,500 per student) and more than five per cent ($3,000 per student). Ukrainian students are also included within this grant.

Quick facts

  • For the 2022-23 school year, more than 2,200 funded students have been identified as Ukrainian evacuees.
  • A rate similar to the refugee grant ($5,500 per student) will be allocated for Ukrainian students to provide language, social and educational supports.
  • Across the province, Ukrainian students are attending 612 schools in 58 different school authorities.
  • Seventy-five per cent of Ukrainian students are enrolled in the four metro school boards (Edmonton Catholic Schools, Edmonton Public Schools, Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Catholic School District).
  • As Ukrainian newcomers may be learning English as an additional language, schools are prepared to provide students with English language instruction and programming supports.
  • Schools play an important role in supporting the mental health and well-being of all students. Given the circumstances under which families are arriving, schools are prepared to provide Ukrainian students with mental health supports through existing school authority resources.
  • Based on September 2022 count date enrolments, more than 2,200 students will cost about $12.3 million for the 2022-23 school year. Funding will be provided to school authorities in November.
  • Ukrainian students who are enrolled after the September 2022 count date and are identified to Alberta Education by the March 2023 count will be eligible for 50 per cent of the grant.


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