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School Council Supports Slashed by Government

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ASCA MEDIA RELEASE - 19 November 2020

School Council Supports Slashed by Government

Alberta School Councils’ Association receives a 75% funding cut

School councils are legislated in Alberta’s Education Act to provide a means for parents to be engaged in public education and participate in decisions that impact student learning.

The Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA) provides supports, training and resources to ensure school councils have the knowledge and skills to fulfil their legislated role and operate effectively. ASCA historically receives funds from Alberta Education targeted to support this work.

ASCA also promotes parent involvement in public education, and presents parent views through policy into the provincial education system, working with government and education organizations in Alberta.

The Association received unexpected news well into their second quarter of the 2020-2021 operating year with a 75% reduction in funding.

“We operated in good faith, servicing hundreds of school councils in a challenging time, without collaboration or any indication from the Ministry that the cuts would be this deep,” said ASCA President Brandi Rai. “We believe there was a missed opportunity to be part of the solution.”

As the ASCA received only one quarter of funds required to maintain operations, this will significantly impact administration and service delivery. Restructuring efficiencies and innovative solutions are necessary to continue serving members, school councils and school communities.

“We know the value of the parent voice contributing to the excellent education system we have in Alberta. ASCA is a vital piece of it.” said President Rai “Parents are not paid to be passionate, they know what is best for their children, and they will continue to support students meaningfully.” 

As parent volunteers themselves, the ASCA Board of Directors align themselves with those most invested, and are committed to maintaining parents as essential partners in the Alberta education system. As the provincial voice of parents on school councils, ASCA is confident this voice will be a strong, contributing factor of student success in Alberta.


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