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Celebrating Métis spirit, and culture

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Indigenous Relations Minister Rick Wilson issued the following statement to recognize Métis Week:

“The proud and strong spirit of Métis people will shine brightly across Alberta during Métis Week. I encourage all Albertans to join this celebration of culture, language, history, and the contributions of the Métis people of Alberta.

“Our province is home to more than 114,000 Métis people, the largest population in Western Canada and the second largest in the country.

“Alberta is the only province with land set aside for Métis people – the eight Metis Settlements with 1.25 million acres.

“Every year, the memory of the great Métis leader Louis Riel, a champion of Métis rights, is commemorated on Nov. 16, the anniversary of his hanging.

“Today, Métis people continue to contribute to the cultural, social and economic fabric of our province.

“Take the time to explore the vibrant Métis culture and celebrate the unique and valued contributions Métis people make to Alberta.

“Please visit alberta.ca to find a list of Métis Week virtual events taking place Nov 15-21.”