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Allison Purcell-Pike

Allison Purcell-Pike

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President's Message September 2019

Welcome back to the start of another school council year! I hope everyone had a great summer. I enjoyed the break, but was also busy over the summer with meetings, conferences and Ministry announcements.

Early in July, ASCA met with Alberta Education to review the draft School Councils Regulation for the new Education Act. We provided input on items that would impact operations as of September 1st.

The ASCA Value Campaign was a focus during July and August. I met with the Minister of Education on August 7th to discuss our funding outlook, and reinforce the value of the parent voice – through school councils – in education.

We communicated with many MLAs and scheduled meetings with them. We found support from all that we met with for the work of our association and the advocacy we do on our members’ behalf. MLA's are willing to assist as they can, and asked great questions about our work. In some meetings, we gained new ideas/thoughts on funding options, like the interim-supply funding (similar to what Libraries received in early August – cut to 50% funding, until the budget comes out).

I attended a very special event, the ATA Summer Summit, in Banff on August 11-13. I was honored to be included with a select group of MLA’s and Trustees for dialogue and discussion on collaboration in common areas of interest. Watch for the latest edition of the ATA’s Learning Team publication – with an article submission from ASCA “Working with your Child’s Teacher”. (link to article)

I then travelled to the CASSIX / ASBOA Summer Conference, in Waterton. I was pleased to bring greetings on behalf of ASCA, and engage in conversations on communications and leadership.

Also, I worked with the Ministry on topics announced over the summer in education news, including the Curriculum Advisory Panel and Seclusion Rooms, contributing our association perspective through media quotes.

I encourage all school councils to engage with their Trustee to understand the local impact of provincial education decisions on issues that are critical to ensure students are supported and successful.

I will continue to spread the word of who ASCA is and the importance of funding the association. It has been great to share the importance of the parent voice through school councils and the value of ASCA!  #ascaValue