Advocacy Resolutions Pre-Sort

In order to prepare for the AGM efficiently, ASCA is asking school council members to review, discuss and pre-sort (online) – indicating their support or disapproval of the resolutions proposed – exactly as they are presented. Online pre-sorting is open until April 6, 2020 (EXTENDED).

Pre-sorting does not determine policy – but indicates the order and grouping of resolutions in preparation for voting on meeting day. Changes may still occur, and only resolutions passed by a majority vote at the AGM become association policy.

Pre-sorting encompasses a broader member perspective, and identifies resolutions receiving general support (60% approval) to be grouped as one vote, saving time for those more complex or requiring further discussion, to be considered individually at the AGM.

The ASCA Board of Directors will review the results, and structure the Order Paper for the Annual General Meeting using the information received from the pre-sort.

Advocacy Resolutions Review Package 2020 REVISED

Proposed Resolutions 2020 Pre-Sort

Please review and discuss with your school council members and pre-sort online below indicating support (yes) or disapproval (no) for the 10 proposed resolutions, EXACTLY AS THEY ARE PRESENTED, before March 27, 2020.


Provincial and Federal Legislation Related to Vaping Products

Diploma Exam Weighting

Consistent, Negotiated Price, and Bulk Purchase/ Distribution, of EpiPens

Achieving Equitable Public Education

Support for Addressing Class Size and Complex Classrooms

Informed, Adequate Funding for Classrooms and Schools

Access to Funding for Public Schools and Public School Fees

Prioritizing Funding for Education in Areas of High Student Density

Mental Wellness Curriculum Incorporation

Student Education Advocacy