Advocacy Resolutions Pre-Vote

Please review and discuss with your school council members and pre-vote online below indicating support or opposition for the 21 proposed resolutions, EXACTLY AS THEY ARE PRESENTED, before March 22, 2019.


Proposed Resolutions 2019 Pre-Vote

Funding for Appropriate Physical and Facility Environments to Support Daily Physical Activity Policy Expectations

Preservation of Locally Elected Boards of Trustees

Increased Dedicated Funding for Accredited Mental Health Professionals

Education Assistant Quality Standards (EAQS)

Policies and Regulations for use of Seclusion Rooms

Funding for Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) Program

Ongoing Funding for Math Enrichment through the Canadian Mathematical Society

Maximum Ride Times for Bussing

Change to Funding Model for Schools with Low Student Populations

Guaranteed In-school Access to Mental Health Programs and Counselling for Students

Communicating Information Regarding Presentations within the School

General Permission Form for Students Participating in GSA Activities Off School Property

Student Education Advocate

Regional Collaborative Service Delivery

Student Record Regulation

Playground Supervisor Ratios, Identification and Communication

Standard Student Injury Protocol

Comprehensive Education Funding Framework Review


Identification of, and Penalties for, Traffic Violations around School Buses

Equality of CEU Funding for Special Needs Students