Meeting Documents 2023

The following is a list of member materials and delegate preparation information for the ASCA 2023 Annual General Meeting: (provided as they become available)

Voting will be digital only. All voting delegates must bring an (internet connectable) device with them to participate in online voting.


AGM Package


Board Election Information Call for Nominations 2023 Election

Proposed Resolutions Review Package AGM 2023


2023 AGM CREDENTIAL Voting Form (due April 13, 2023)

2023 AGM PROXY Voting Form (due April 13, 2023)


DRAFT 2023 AGM Agenda

DRAFT 2023 AGM Standing Rules


ASCA Advocacy Overview

Types of Resolutions

AGM Meeting Preparation and Planning


ASCA 2022 Financial Statements

Approved ASCA 2023-2024 Budget

Approved 2022 AGM Minutes


Amendments - The Basics

Resolution Amendments Color Chart

Virtual Meeting Tips

How to use ElectionBuddy for Online Voting


How to Handle Discipline of Members in Meetings


ASCA Advocacy and Action Update

ASCA Advocacy Policy Manual


AGM Evaluation Form (online survey)


Digital Voting ASCA AGM 2023 - Hybrid

In person:

The ASCA 2023 AGM will utilize digital voting for the meeting - ElectionBuddy – a secure, online voting software. Voters use an access key issued to them by email after the start of the meeting.

Registrants can join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

If you are a Voting Delegate for MORE THAN ONE school council - (eg. your school council and proxy for another, or you represent 2 school councils), you will receive only one email with your unique ACCESS KEY and PASSWORD in order to vote. One access key for all votes. When it is time to vote, you will see your allotted number of votes you are assigned, to complete for each ballot.

Proxy voting is managed within one access key for all votes, on one device.

How to use ElectionBuddy for Online Voting

Virtual attendees:

If you are the registered voting delegate (and/or PROXY holder) for your school council, you will need TWO browser windows open at all times during the meeting. ONE for online voting utilizing ElectionBuddy software, and ONE for the meeting in ZOOM.

Voters (and PROXY holders) are required to manage TWO BROWSER WINDOWS on their device throughout the meeting – one for the Zoom platform, and one for the ElectionBuddy platform.

Shortly after the start of the AGM, there will be a test vote set up (going to your email) to ensure you have your voting key and access. This will come into your email (check spam). Once you are in the ElectionBuddy platform, you do NOT return to that email.

Using Zoom:

If you have a Zoom account – recommended (set up for free, please check for technical or software updates before the meeting. You can join a Zoom test meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom, or for a refresher, click here

Virtual Meeting Tips using Zoom