Meeting Documents

AGM 2018 Resolutions Carried into Advocacy Policy

P18-01 Criminal Record Checks
That Alberta Education develop a provincial standard that requires school authorities to conduct criminal record and vulnerable sector checks for all employees at the time of hiring and every three years thereafter, and for volunteers who are in coaching roles or are volunteering on overnight trips.  

P18-02 Cumulative CEU Cap per High School Student
That Alberta Education replace the annual CEU cap of 45 per high school student with a cumulative CEU per high school student cap of 150 for the tenure of the student’s high school experience.  

P18-03A Supports for Learning Success of all Students: Early Screening
That the Alberta School Councils’ Association advocate to the Ministry of Education for mandatory early screening for learning and developmental challenges so that children will be identified earlier in their educational journey, receive the needed supports and resources and experience success from the beginning.

P18-03B Supports for Learning Success of all Students: Enhanced Teacher Training
That the Alberta School Councils' Association will advocate to the Ministry of Education that each teacher receives enhanced teacher training so that they are each better prepared to meet the diverse and complex learning needs of children in classrooms.

P18-03C Supports for Learning Success of all Students: Class Size and Composition
That the Alberta School Councils' Association will advocate to the Ministry of Education that class size and composition must be considered when determining what supports and resources are needed to teach in a classroom based on the needs of the students and the classroom teacher.

P18-05 PRISM ATA Toolkit and Provincial Curriculum Development
That the PRISM document not be implemented into the Alberta Education curriculum, but remain a resource for teachers to ensure a safe, caring and welcoming classroom for all. It is important all diversities are respected in Alberta Education.

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2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Package

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