Meeting Documents

The following is a list of member materials and delegate preparation information for the ASCA Annual General Meeting:

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Package (complete)


AGM 2020 Rules of Order

2020 AGM Draft Agenda and Order Paper

2019 AGM Draft Minutes

ASCA 2019 Financial Statements

2020- 2021 Budget for AGM

Special Resolution 2020


Advocacy in Action Update 2019-2020

2019 Advocacy Policy Manual

Annual Report 2018-2019

Bylaws of the Association

Board Vision Plan 2020-2023



AGM PROXY Voting Form


ASCA Advocacy Overview

Resolutions Process and Types of Resolutions

AGM Pre-Meeting Preparation and Planning



We encourage delegates to access documents on their laptop or mobile device for the meeting.

Board Election Information and Nominations Procedures

Please note - Nominations process in 2020:
Nominations must be submitted 15 days prior to the AGM.
Nominations are not accepted from the floor at the AGM.

Declared Candidates for the Board of Directors election at the AGM will be posted at three intervals; up to 10 days prior to the AGM.