General Meeting

The ASCA 2020 AGM was held ONLINE April 26, and the agenda did not include consideration of any of the 2020 Proposed Advocacy Resolutions. The ASCA Board of Directors strongly believes that discussion of, and decisions related to, these important educational advocacy positions for the Association must encompass a broad representation of ASCA’s Member School Councils.

A motion to agree to postpone discussion of the Proposed Advocacy Resolutions to October 17, 2020, was passed at the ASCA 2020 AGM.

ASCA plans to host a Regular General Meeting on Saturday, October 17, 2020 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm for consideration of the 2020 Proposed Advocacy Resolutions and any other business deemed essential by the Board at that time.

If possible, this meeting will be in-person and may also incorporate ‘virtual voting’. If meeting in-person is not possible, it will be a virtual meeting. More information will be provided as available.

EMERGENT Proposed Advocacy Resolutions

As the deadline to submit Proposed Advocacy Resolutions for the 2020 AGM was January 15, 2020, and much has changed in education since that time (new funding model, Covid-19 pandemic, online learning), ASCA Member school councils may have new, or EMERGENT, Proposed Advocacy Resolutions to present for consideration.

EMERGENT Resolutions definition: Pertaining to an education issue that arose, or developed, after the Resolutions submission deadline.

In light of this, the ASCA Board of Directors has approved a new process to support Emergent Proposed Advocacy Resolutions for the October 17th General Meeting consideration. Emergent Proposed Advocacy Resolutions may be submitted up to 14 days prior to the General Meeting; October 3, 2020. If deemed eligible (after review by ASCA staff), they would be placed on the Order Paper/Agenda for the meeting, and available/posted for the membership seven (7) days prior to the meeting, by October 10, 2020.

If the Emergent deadline is missed, or if the Emergent Proposed Advocacy Resolution is previously deemed ‘ineligible’, an ASCA Member School Council could choose to bring their Emergent Proposed Advocacy Resolution to the General Meeting, fully completed in writing, for ruling by the AGM Chair or designate for placement on the Order Paper.

If the AGM Chair or designate rules that the Emergent Proposed Advocacy Resolution should not be placed on the Order Paper, the sponsoring ASCA Member School Council is given the opportunity to appeal to the Voting Delegates to have it placed on the Order Paper with 66% approval. 

EMERGENT Proposed Advocacy Resolution Submission Form for ASCA General Meeting 2020


The (next) deadline for submitting Proposed Advocacy Resolutions is January 15, 2021 for consideration at the 2021 AGM  to be held April 25, 2021.


PDF Emergent Resolutions Information